Jeng Hsing Ping’s Shuai Jiao (Swai Jiao)

Sifu David Ross

Articles about Chang Tung Sheng / Chang Dong Sheng (常東昇) and his method of Shuai Jiao / Swai Jiao (摔角) appeared in English language martial arts magazines as early as the late 1970’s but they appeared in a surge in the late 1980’s and early 1990’s. A famous teacher with a verified record of fighting matches, including winning the 1933 national guoshu examination matches, most people who practiced Chinese martial arts were very interested in him and his methods.

I had been fortunate, my first Chinese martial arts training in southern Hung Ga had included correct instruction in joint locks, sweeps and throws. Of course, I was already a second degree black belt in Korean Hapkido, so I was knowledgeable and interested in grappling aspects. So when I saw a flyer for Shuai Jiao / Swai Jiao classes I investigated.

It is hard to imagine, but this was a time…

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