Learning lessons from the “hot stove” example

Sifu David Ross

I’ve mentioned numerous times in the past that in addition to the Lama Pai theory I learned from Chan Tai-San, another major influence on my strategic thinking when it came to fighting came from US sanshou pioneer, fighter and coach Jason Yee. One of the examples he used, when in international fighting, many of the fighters (especially the Russian and former Soviet Union fighters) had to be treated like a “hot stove”. You touched them (scored points) quickly and quickly retracted. Over the years, this example proved very useful, and thinking of the “hot stove” expanded in my own mind into a wide number of useful examples in training my fighters.


I frequently pose this question to my students; why do you not touch the hot stove? With a facility in New York City, my student population is literally international. However, regardless of where you were raised, in what country…

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