Masters of Old….

Neil (thekungfuguy) Ripski

I have heard so many stories from so many lineages that exemplify the teachers of old. Cheng Tinghua (baguazhang) used to train in a weighted vest, Yueh Fei (General, Eagle Claw, Xingyi) would train 1000 pole shakings a day, Wang Shujin (Taiji, Bagua, Xingyi) would have steam rise from his body as he was doing standing post in the park and so much heat would emit from him that his students would warm their hands near him in cold weather, and so on.
What is interesting to me is how so many people today seem to venerate these stories and look only to emulate them themselves. As the saying goes “Do not seek to be like the masters of old, seek what they sought.” this seems lost in most cases. It is fine of course to train in a weighted vest or wearing iron rings or train pole methods with…

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