The Zhaobao Taijiquan of Hou Chunxiu

Masters of the IMA

Zhaobao taijiquan is an interesting major style of taijiquan which has produced many top level masters and seems to have preserved an extremely complete system including neigong, forms practice in different frames as well as a multitude of weapons. Unfortunately, because very few masters of this style have moved to the West, it remains little known. The branch introduced in this article is that of Hou Chunxiu, one of the first masters to popularise Zhaobao taiji in its ‘second home’, the city of Xi’an. The article is an extract from a book by Lin Quanbao, a disciple of Hou and a grand-disciple of another prominent master of Zhaobao taiji, Zheng Wuqing (whose taiji will be introduced in another article). You can read the full article here

” In 1975 we found out that Hou Chunxiu had retired and was teaching taiji in Xi’an. M. Hou’s Zhaobao taiji came from Zhang…

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