Yin style baguazhang – He Puren

Masters of the IMA

The style of bagua created by Dong Haichuan’s top student, Yin Fu, has only recently started to be known about in the West, largely due to the efforts of the late Xie Peiqi and his disciple He Jinbao. Just as in any other style, Yin style also has its own sub branches, each deriving from one of Yin Fu’s main students. In this article I intend to introduce the sub-branch passed on by Yin Fu’s student Cao Zhongsheng by translating an interview (taken from here) with one of its inheritors, He Puren.

He Puren at his acupuncture clinic

“He Puren is a nationally-famous acupuncturist who has been praised as ‘tian xia di yi zhen‘ (‘the first needle under heaven’). He is also a third-generation master of Yin style baguazhang, who was appointed honorary head of the Beijing Bagua Research Assocation for two successive terms.

Encountering Great Teachers

He Puren was born in 1926…

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