Song style xingyi in Shanghai – Li Guoliang

This is an interesting article about a Song style Xingyiquan practitioner. There’s some good stuff in here but there’s also some superstitious nonsense that has no place in TCMA. Not my favorite so far.

Masters of the IMA


Below is a translation of an excerpt from this article:
“The Song-style xingyi master Li Guoliang is a noted fighter who received the full transmission from Hao Zhanru, who was a student of Jia Yun-gao (one of Song Shirong’s few disciples from outside the Song family).




Song Shirong's grandstudent Hao Zhanru
Song Shirong’s grandstudent Hao Zhanru



His skills are top-rate, but because he lives a low-key existence in Shanghai, most people (even in martial arts circles) have never heard of him, unless mentioned to them by their teachers.

Master Li is 7 years older than the People’s Republic of China, he has been practicing Song style xingyi for 48 years, almost half a century. Because of his personality, Li liked martial arts from his youth, when he would practice kungfu in his village. However, at that time, he had no high-level teachers to guide his practice, so the…

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