Song style Xingyi in Tianjin – Li Xuzhou

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Song style xingyi, noted for its unique power generation and relatively ‘softer’ approached compared to Hebei variants of xingyi, is one of the rarest of the main xingyi styles, even in China. The vast majority of practitioners remain in Shanxi province, where the art first took shape. However, a few disciples of the Song family did bring the art with them to the developed larger cities, one of whom was Li Xuzhou, who along with Song Huchen’s disciple Che Runtian brought Song style xingyi to Tianjin.

The following is an extract from this article:

“Li Xuzhou (1903-1962), a native of Rongcheng in Hebei province, went to Taigu on business.

Black and white photo of Li Xuzhou

As a youth, he liked fighting. He received personal instruction from Song Shirong himself, and was accepted as a disciple by Song Huchen (Song Shirong’s son). Li Xuzhou was assiduous and persistent in his study of Song style xingyi, and…

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