Che style Xingyi of Bu Bingquan

Masters of the IMA

Because most practitioners of xingyi in the West belong to the Hebei branch, the giants of that subset (Guo Yunshen, Li Cunyi and Sun Lutang to name but three) are, if not household names, then at least familiar. However, the branches of xingyi passed on by two of Li Luoneng’s best students, Song Shirong and Che Yizhai, tend to be little known in the west. Today’s article will introduce Bu Bingquan, an inheritor of Che style xingyi; a later article will introduce Song style.

The following extract is taken from an article in the San Jin Metro (San Jin Dushi Bao), the original of which can be found here

Bu Style Xingyi Inheritor Bu Bingquan

Bu Bingquan in front of bust of his father

Taigu county in Shanxi province occupies an important place in the history of Chinese martial arts. ‘Taiji, shaolin, bagua and xingyi’ are the ‘big 4’ of Chinese martial , and Taigu is known as the…

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