Yang Banhou’s Taiji in Yongnian

Masters of the IMA

Western fans of taiji will no doubt be familiar with the exploits of the Yang family. The vast majority of Yang stylists worldwide derive their taiji from Yang Luchan’s grandson, Yang Chengfu. But how many are aware that in the hometown of the Yang’s (Guangfu town, Yongnian county in Hebei province), there remains a group of practitioners who preserve the system as practised by Yang Chengfu’s uncle, Yang Banhou, notorious for his swift temper?

Yang Banhou

The history of this branch is outlined at http://www.yangbanhou.com/newsinfo.asp?id=56, an extract of which I have translated below:

“The system transmitted by Yang Banhou in his hometown comprised: large frame, middle frame, small frame, fast frame, ti tui jia (lift legs frame), pao chui, liaokua baguazhang (hoist-carry 8 trigrams palm), 32 duan da (short hitting), sanshou, tuishou, da lu, taiji stake standing, taiji ball, taiji neigong as well as sabre, sword, spear etc. He passed on…

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