Fu Nei Pai taiji of Li Zheng

Masters of the IMA

In response to a post on Emptyflower, I thought I’d translate an interview about Fu Nei Pai Yang style taiji, which traces its lineage back to  a Manchu general, Fu Zhou, who studied from Yang Luchan in the mansion of Prince Duan. This branch of Yang style taiji is interesting for the wide variety of routines encompassed within the system and the jumping kicks and fajin in some of its routines. For students of the history of Yang style taiji, it would be instructive to compare the sets passed down within this branch with those of Li (Ruidong) style taiji, which also derives its transmission from one of Yang Luchan’s ‘within the mansion’ students, Wang Lanting.  The following is an extract from an interview (which can be found here ) with one of the popularisers of this style, Li Zheng, who lives and teaches in Zhuhai, in southern China: 
“Author (hereafter A): How…

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