Reminiscences of Yao Zongxun – An Interview with Cui Ruibin, part I

Masters of the IMA

I have been interested in Yiquan (‘intention boxing’), also known as Dachengquan (Great Achievement Boxing), the chinese martial art famous for its focus on the practice of ‘zhan zhuang’ (stake standing) as a training method for a while now. I came across an interview ( here ) with Cui Ruibin (grandstudent of Wang Xiangzhai, Yiquan’s founder, through his senior student Yao Zongxun), which is interesting both for its historical insights and advice for practice. As it is very long, I have only translated a part below:

“On the 11th of January 1985, Yao Zongxun, one of the foremost masters of Yiquan of his generation, passed away. In the 20 years since his passing, from inauspicious beginnings, having initially been decried as not a ‘real’ martial art, today Yiquan is thriving, attracting martial arts devotees both at home and abroad with its unique style and content. To commemorate the 20th anniversary of…

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