Song Changrong’s Baguazhang

Masters of the IMA

When people talk about ‘Song style’ in a bagua context, there are actually two styles that could be meant: one is the bagua of Song Yongxiang (passed on by Liu Wancang of Beijing and his disciples), while the other is that of Song Changrong, a disciple of Dong Haichuan who was well-known for his lightness skill (qing gong). The material presented below profiles the latter:

” ‘Flying Legs’ Song Changrong

Song Changrong was born into a noble family in Beijing. Because of Dong Haichuan’s position at the mansion of Prince Su, there was a lot of interaction between the two houses. The Qing dynasty was a peak period for CMA. Everyone from the emperor down to the common man was interested in martial arts. The Song family’s noble status and economic strength meant that they placed great emphasis on the practice martial arts. As nobles, they were of course aware of Dong Haichuan’s…

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