Xingyiquan of Shang Ji

Masters of the IMA

Professor Shang Ji of Xi’an Highway University

Shang Ji with student and wife

Shang Ji is a master known for his efforts in spreading xingyiquan in Xi’an as it was passed on to him by his master Ma Litang, who was a grandstudent of Guo Yunshen through Liu Weixiang. The following extract is taken from this page.

“Starting Out in Wushu

M. Shang was born in Xingtang county, Zhengding prefecture in Hebei province in northern China. His father was an intellectual who had studied in Japan, but his grandfather was a wuju (successful military candidate in the provincial exams) in the Qing dynasty. As a child, he would often watch his grandfather practicing martial arts. At first, he was just curious, but as time passed, wushu found a place in his heart, especially those peculiar stances and outlandish weapons, had an almost magical fascination over young Shang. After his grandfather had finished practicing, young M. Shang…

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