Reminiscences of Yao Zongxun – Part II

Masters of the IMA

The following forms the second part of my translation of a long interview with Cui Ruibin (taken from here ).

Cheng Bao Zhuang

“A: Just now, you said that there was quite a difference between the teachings of M Yao and M Li. Could you go into a bit more detail?
C: When M Yao started teaching me from Cheng Bao Zhuang (‘hugging a tree’ posture), he noted that I wasn’t holding my hands quite right. His requirements were very detailed, down to the exact position of each finger whilst holding the posture. When I got home, I would do zhan zhuang for as long as it took until I ‘found the feeling’, sometimes spending hours in one posture. After I had found it, I would tell M Yao, whereupon he would move on to the next step. Learning it this way really helps improve your gongfu. Nowadays, there’s a lot of people…

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