Reminiscences of Yao Zongxun part IV

Masters of the IMA

A: Some people say that M Yao was conservative, that he didn’t teach openly, how would you respond to this?
C: It wasn’t like that. A lot of people learnt Yiquan from M Yao, both on the health and martial sides. Sometimes everyone was standing around M Yao asking questions about this and that. M Yao would answer all the ones he could divulge.

A: What kind of things could he not divulge?
C: Let me give you an example. There was a stretch of time when a bunch of friends trained martial arts with me. M Yao knew that I was a straightforward guy, if someone asked me something I’d be sure to tell them. M Yao told me a story: Once upon a time, there were two people who had been friends since childhood. Later on, one of them became a provincial magistrate and the other became a…

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