Reminiscences of Yao Zongxun part V

“A: Gongfu isn’t in the mouth.
C: That’s right. Although M Wang Xiangzhai said that ‘combat is the lowest skill’ (jiji nai moji), but in order to become a great master you must at the very least possess this ability. “

Masters of the IMA

A: We’ve long heard that Yiquan’s penetrating power (chuan tou li) is formidable. Did M Yao set you any ‘rules’ for responding to challenges?
C: At first, there were no rules. Later on, there was one incident that resulted in M Yao setting me some rules. It started like this: in the afternoon of 25th April 1982, there was a San Da competition at Shijingshan Sports Stadium. For that event, there was no-one else in my weight category, so I brought some kungfu brothers to demonstrate Yiquan’s combat ability. After the competition, when pretty much everyone had left, one of the coaches called Yang Yong-de came over and said, “M Cui, someone wants to cross hands with you. Could you accept the challenge?” At this point, a few of the umpires came over and said “M Cui, if you’re going to take him on, don’t go easy on…

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