Che Style Prohibitions

This is actually one of my favorite posts on this site, and one I have shared a great deal. There is some material that I don’t agree but find a lot that lines up with what I have been taught and what I have to hold true in my study and practice of Xingyiquan.

Masters of the IMA

Che style xingyiquan, and professor Che Xiangqian, have been very ably introduced by Jarek Szymanski in his article here.

Below is a translation of an article written by Prof Che on a Chinese martial arts forum ( which puts forward some interesting viewpoints on some common xingyi issues.  

“The 8 Prohibitions of Che style Xingyi by Prof Che Xiangqian

1. The restrictive ‘5 elements theory’ that each fist corresponds to an internal organ and a sense organ and that the 5 element fists mutually create and destroy each other seems to have become a ‘classic’ of xingyi. For example crushing fist is actually found in all other martial arts, where it is called a straight jab. It’s also the most common and practical move used when people fight. Guo Yunshen’s crushing fist shook the MA community, out of all the fists crushing is most worth researching. Whoever heard of another move that ‘beat…

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