Going to Court over Taiji

A very interesting post about the history and birthplace of Taijiquan, a MUST read!

Masters of the IMA

I came across an article originally published in 2007 in the Eastern Daily (from here) that illustrates how deep feelings run over historical/lineage issues in China, and thought I’d share it.

“For the last 80 years, the origin of taijiquan has been hotly disputed. One side contends that it was created by Zhang Sanfeng from Wudang mountain; the other contends that it was created by Chen Wangting.

In August of 2004, He Youlu, a 6th-generation inheritor of He style taijiquan sued a martial arts enthusiast over damage to his reputation. This not only caused great consternation in the MA community, but also attracted the attention of Chinese TV and other mainstream media.

He Youlu performing at a Taiji gathering

On 2 June 2007, the Chinese Association of Folk Artists declared Wen county as taijiquan’s site of origin. On the 5th of June, He Youlu won the lawsuit and collected 20,000 RMB in compensation from Wen county…

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