Pei Xirong

Masters of the IMA

The following translation is an excerpt taken from this article .

“Pei Xirong was born in 1913 in Raoyang county in Hebei province. His father was a core member of the Yi He Tuan [1], and his mother had also participated in the ‘Red Lantern’ movement [2]. His uncle, Qi Dalong, was a bodyguard in the caravan agency established by Li Cunyi who guarded caravans travelling between Tianjin and Gubeikou. When the Allied Forces invaded Tianjin, he and Li Cunyi battled against the invaders at Laolongtou Train Station. He fought courageously, sustaining several wounds.

Pei Xirong

The feats of his forefathers inspired Pei Xirong, so that from a young age he held aspirations of practicing martial arts to serve his country. Pei Xirong’s family had practiced Traditional Chinese Medicine for 4 generations; it was for this reason that Pei’s grandfather, an able doctor, was called ‘Pei San Tie’ (3 poultice Pei). Pei…

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