5 Things To Consider Before Taking A Fight

Read this if you want to fight, seriously.

Fighters covering fighters

Fight Photo

So you think you want to fight? Want to step into that cage and see if you have what it takes? Let me save you some time – you don’t. It’s hard, soul crushingly monotonous, deeply boring, and, to put it mildly, very difficult.

You likely don’t have the mettle, mental toughness, time, talent, or grit that it takes to make a real fight happen. That’s not a bad thing; most people don’t, it’s a rare quality that makes someone repeatedly get beat up in training while giving up good food and sacrificing all other obligations simply to make your jab better. It’s ok to not be able to do that. It’s a lot like not being able to be a ‘brick to the face champion’ – it’s just not for everyone.

Assuming you can make your mind up to train at a minimum 12hrs a week, abandon your social calendar…

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