‘Iron Arm’ Wang Fuyuan

Masters of the IMA

Flicking through Dan Miller and Tim Cartmell’s excellent book ‘Xingyi Neigong” (pictured below) the other day, I was curious about the master Wang Jiwu, whose exercises are profiled therein.

  xingyi neigong


It turns out Wang’s branch of xingyi is an interesting mixture of Shanxi and Hebei xingyi with some Dai xinyi influences.  Below is a profile of Wang’s teacher, Wang Fuyuan, translated from here :

‘Iron Arm’ Wang Fuyuan was one of Liu Qilan’s most accomplished disciples. He was Liu Qilan’s ‘shu tong’ [1] and from his youth practiced xingyi morning and night under Liu’s tutelage for over a decade. He mastered the essence of Liu’s xingyi. He never married, and hence kept his ‘tong zi gong’ [2] and his iron arm was as hard as steel.

As a young man, Wang Fuyuan once eliminated a local head of the ‘3 Emperors’ gang  on his shifu’s orders. In order to evade the…

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