The unintended consequences of misperception

Sifu David Ross

This is going to be a rather unusual blog, in that it is not as linear as most of my posts. And, honestly, I am not sure how people are going to react to it. To begin with, I am not sure how my friends in the Muay Thai community will feel after I post this. Because I am going to state that Muay Thai in the stadiums of Thailand is NOT about who is the “best fighter.” Rather, it is about who is the best at scoring under the system used in Thailand in the stadiums. deschawin vs dekkers

This distinction was never very clear. Both the Japanese and the Dutch strove for a significant period of time to “beat” the Thais using various combat methods. In the early Kyokushinkai vs Muay Thai matches, the Japanese fighters attempted to use Judo to counter. Toshio Fujiwara, a vanguard of Japan’s “new combat sport”…

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