The weapon forms of the Sun Family

老师说说 Teacher Say Say

A Facebook friend and a fellow Sun style enthusiast had recently sparked my interest in understanding the origins of Sun style weapon forms. The recent trip to Beijing has been a fruitful one as before, and I took the chance to ask my laoshi about the types of weapons Sun Lu Tang had created.

There is no doubt that Bagua sword has been the most well known among the weapon forms created,  primarily due to the last book (The Study of Bagua Sword) authored by Sun Lu Tang before he died in 1933. The basis of the Bagua sword form originates from the arts of Cheng Ting Hua whom Sun learn from; these includes Baguazhang, Bagua sword, Seven-star pole and others. The form was adapted and had significant differences from the original Cheng style Bagua sword. Hence, disciples and students have used the terms Sun Lu Tang’s Bagua…

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