Reminiscence of the Sun Family: part 1

老师说说 Teacher Say Say

These posts are a series of a collection of stories from my laoshi as she recalls the events within the Sun family. While I’m willing to share some stories, others are best left untold due to the people involved. Laoshi may publish these stories on her own eventually, but it is my basic respect to laoshi and the Sun family for holding them till they shall be made available by her or the family.

6th JunSun Jian Yune is the birthday of late Grandmaster Sun Jian Yun. She was born in 1913 as the youngest daughter of Sun Lu Tang and was doted by him as well as her brothers. Jian-Yun laoshi (As how I call her) has a particular liking for Kun Opera and would patronise the opera house almost every week. In those days, it was often seen as inappropriate for a lady to roam around alone not to mention squeezing into…

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