Reminiscence of the Sun Family: part 2

老师说说 Teacher Say Say

Grandmaster Sun Cun Zhou is the second son of Sun Lu Tang. Although he grew up under the limelight of his father, he became a skilled master of combat in his own right and had accepted many challenges that attest his level of skills. His frankness and distinct sense of justice have attracted admirations and a no less equal of dislikes for his character.

0023bLE5gy6JkvI3xtFfb&690He is, but however, human. A loving father and grandfather to his children and grandchildren. Laoshi recalls the time she spent with her father until his death in 1963. His children were all young, and they spend a part of their early childhood in their hometown in Wan County (Current Wang Du County), Hebei from the 1900s to 1930s. While laoshi did not have the fortune of learning under Sun Lu Tang (though Sun Lu Tang loved to carry her around as a toddler), she spent all…

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