Jin training in Baguazhang

Masters of the IMA

I recently came across an article with details about the various jins in bagua and how to train them (original chinese here ) that I thought would be of interest to bagua enthusiasts.


There’s a scene in the film Pride’s Deadly Fury’ [1] in which ‘divine palm’ Li kills Niu Er on the riverbank with a single palm strike.

The power Li is using is called ‘inch power’ (cun jin).

The characteristics of inch power are that the distance between the striking body part and the target is relatively short, usually about an inch. Characteristically, inch power strikes are sudden, powerful and hence hard to detect, evade or block. The ‘collapsing palm’ (ta zhang], ‘inserting palm’ [ye zhang] and elbow strikes all train inch power. If you wish to master inch power, you must practice according to the requirements, for example, relax the shoulder and drop…

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