1st Stop, Beijing: Dong Haichuan’s Tomb

Masters of the IMA

The first stop on my ‘neijia tour’ was Beijing. I know that Beijing is full of good masters of the various neijia arts, but unfortunately due to time constraints the only ‘neijia-themed’ stop I was able to make was a trip out to Dong Haichuan’s tomb, which is located at the Wan An Public Cemetery in the northwestern corner of Beijing, near Xiang Shan (Fragrant Hills).

Dong Haichuan's tomb

A very thorough explanation of the history of the tomb and its current structure can be found here .

The steles/graves to the left of Dong’s tomb commemorate masters from the second and third generations. The first, the black grave in the foreground, belongs to Li Ziming, inheritor of Liang style. Immediately behind that is a small stele commemorating the Taiwanese bagua/xingyi teacher Wang Shujin, and at the back is a similar one recording the branch of bagua spread to Korea by Lu Shuitian…

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