2nd stop, Taiyuan: Cao Zhiqing

“He also cautioned against thinking that the 5 fists can be directly used in a real fight ‘as is’, instead stressing that the 5 element fists are more to train the various ‘jins’ and to cultivate a xingyi body.”

Masters of the IMA

Taiyuan, the capital of Shanxi province, is definitely not the China you see in the coffee table books. Shanxi is the centre of China’s coal-mining industry, and it shows. Anyone planning a long-term stay in Shanxi should first consider whether they mind living with air pollution like this:

View from my hotel

Fortunately, I was not in Shanxi for sightseeing, but to visit one Cao Zhiqing, who practices an interesting branch of xingyiquan coming from Wang Fuyuan, who has been profiled elsewhere on this blog. Although Wang’s main teacher was Liu Qilan, he also received many pointers from some of Li Luoneng’s other disciples such as Song Shirong and Che Yizhai. M Cao’s lineage, in full, is: Wang Fuyuan – Mu Xiuyi – Shang Changsuo – Cao Zhiqing.  He is well known in China for his 2 books on xingyiquan, “Research on Xingyiquan” (1984) and “Practice methods and applications of Xingyiquan” (2001).

I was…

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