3rd stop, Taigu: Song Guanghua

Masters of the IMA

The small town of Taigu in Shanxi province holds a special place in xingyiquan circles as the home of the founders of both Song and Che styles of xingyi. Even today, there are still many xingyi masters teaching in Taigu and the surrounding area. For xingyi enthusiasts planning a visit, Taigu can be reached from Taiyuan either by coach or by train. The 65km journey usually takes about an hour. Taigu itself is a small, dusty county town.

Finding xingyi in Taigu is not a matter of walking up to a xingyi school, as far as I know there are no commercial schools teaching xingyi in Taigu.  The vast majority of xingyi teachers there still teach and practice in the traditional way, wherein on the one hand, the art is taught for free, but on the other the teacher could pick and choose who he taught, so it was actually…

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