5th stop, Guangfu: Su Yongqiang

Masters of the IMA

From Handan, I moved on to Guangfu town, the cradle of both Yang and Wu (Yuxiang) styles of taiji. There is a coach that runs from Handan to Guangfu which takes about an hour. The town itself is of an unusual design, in that it is surrounded by a moat several meters wide (as can be seen from the photo below).

For those thinking of studying taiji here, I should point out that Guangfu is a very small, rural town lacking in western comforts such as non-squat toilets and hot showers.  Also, as far as I can tell, although there are several taiji masters in Guangfu, there is only one taiji school, run by Han Qingmin (a disciple of Fu Zhongwen) in the town. The other masters teach from their houses when they are in Guangfu but are often away teaching in other cities.

For those interested in some historical…

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