6th stop: A visit to Chenjiagou

Masters of the IMA

Much of the material here has already been covered in Daniel Poon’s excellent website, www.chenvillage.com , and hence I will try not to duplicate too much. I took the coach from Zhengzhou (capital of Henan province) to Wenxian, which took about two hours, crossing the Huang He (Yellow River) on the way. If you want to base yourself somewhere with western comforts, Wenxian has several hotels. To get to Chen village itself, you can either take a taxi (which takes 10 minutes) or there is a minibus, which is of course much cheaper but has no fixed timetable: like a lot of bus services in the Chinese countryside, it leaves when it’s full.

At first blush, Chen village looks like any other northern Chinese farming village:

Chen village

However, a walk through the village soon corrects that notion: I would bet that not many northern Chinese villages of this size have 4…

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