7th stop, Shanghai: Wang Senlin

Masters of the IMA

Thanks to the gracious and indefatigable Rose Oliver of the Double Dragon Alliance, I managed to meet and talk to M Wang Senlin, who is a disciple of Deng Fuxin, a xingyi master who will be well-known to those readers who also frequent the Emptyflower/Rum Soaked Fist discussion boards.

For those not familiar with M Deng, he learnt his xingyi from 4 highly respected masters, namely:

(1) Dong Ziying, a disciple of Liu Qilan’s second son Liu Wenhua, and the younger brother of the famous Shanxi xingyi master Dong Xiusheng)

(2) Jia Chunyuan, a master of xingyi from Tianjin who had learnt his xingyi from Li Zhenbang, Li Luoneng’s grandson

(3) Jiang Rongqiao, famous master of bagua and xingyi who was a disciple of Zhang Zhaodong (aka Zhang Zhankui)

(4) Liu Molin, a grandstudent of Li Cunyi through his master Jiang Yuhe

As 3 out of M Deng’s 4 masters…

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