Central Guoshu Institute

Masters of the IMA

Ever since translating an article on the ‘1929 Hangzhou Leitai Tournament’, I have been interested in the role of the Central Guoshu Institute (‘CGI’) in the spread of traditional Chinese martial arts in the first half of the twentieth century. I have put together the article below from various sources, which I hope will be of interest.


The Central Guoshu Institute was originally called the “Guoshu Research Institute”. The founding mission of the CGI, apart from adminstrative management of martial arts and the production of teaching materials, was to train up wushu [1] teachers, in order to spread the practice of wushu and to overcome the mutual antagonism and secrecy between the different styles. As such, it was classified as an educational facility, and so General Zhang Zhijiang [2] applied to the Education Ministry for accreditation. However, the Education Ministry refused to…

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