Stories of Cui Yishi

Masters of the IMA

Apologies for the long hiatus. Due to a new job, I no longer have enough time to do long translations. Instead I will try to post snippets and interesting videos on a more regular basis.  The first of this new series of ‘snippets’ is about one of Yang Chengfu’s senior disciples in Beijing, Cui Yishi (also known by his original name of Cui Lizhi).

I recently read an interview with Cui’s grandson, Zhang Yongtao (the original chinese is here: Two passages of the interview struck me as particularly of interest, and I have translated them below.

The first concerns Cui’s ‘dan tian gong’:

“In summer, my grandfather would normally sit in our courtyard practicing his taiji while wearing a dalian (Chinese sleeveless wrestler’s jacket). When the mood took him, he would let me feel his belly. To me, it felt as if there was a rubber ball in…

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