Xingyi’s Pangen walking

Masters of the IMA

I have been intrigued by Xingyi’s Pangen exercise ever since I first read Joseph Crandall’s excellent translation of master Shang Ji’s introductory article (which can be found here: It seems to have been created by Song Shirong after contact with practitioners of baguazhang. Although originally a practice of Song style, it seems to have spread to many other branches (Che, Hebei) through interchange over the years. How far it has spread it hard to tell, as it seems to be treated as ‘inside the door’ material by those branches that do practice it.

I recently found an interesting video of a Song style practitioner from Tianjin (Yu Chunhai) demonstrating their version of pan-gen:

The version above seems slightly different to the exercise as described by Shang Ji. Can any readers who have had experience with Pan Gen comment on how it’s practiced in their line?

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