Beijing MA Trip – Dachengquan of M Deng Fuli

Masters of the IMA

During my trip to Beijing over the Chinese National Holiday, I made several visits to Tiantan park, which is one of the hotspots of CMA activity in Beijing. In addition to the taijiquan groups which can be found in any park in China, there are teachers of xingyiquan, baguazhang Tongbei, San Huang Paochui as well. On my way out of the park after one of these visits, I noticed a short, heavyset man practicing what I recognized to be Yiquan / Dachengquan postures in a corner of the park. As seeing people practicing Dachengquan in parks* is very rare, even in China, I went across and struck up a conversation with him. Following a brief conversation about his background and how he had come to learn Dachengquan. It turned out his name was Deng Fuli, that he had been practicing Dachengquan for more than 20 years, and that he had…

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