Kung Fu land? Is it like living in Disney?

Sifu David Ross

I concentrate on the important details of foundation skill with them, and we train them endlessly. Applications are shown as a way of letting the student know what the importance and applications of the skills they are working on are. Real fighting skill? after about 3 years of foundation work. Excessive concentration on learning to fight in the formative stages of learning will, in my opinion, impede the acquisition of real skills.

The above is a real quote from a real kung fu teacher, and it is not that unique so it shouldn’t be very surprising.

However, if we remove ourselves from the “tradition” of Chinese martial arts (kung fu), we should see that the idea that someone should spend 6 months, a year, or three years doing essentially basic exercise and not learning to actually fight is absurd!

Keeping in mind that Chinese martial arts were originally the skills…

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