Stretching Vs. Pandiculation – What’s the difference and why does it matter?

Some interesting information, thanks Chris Jurak for the link.

Some thoughts on this regarding strength and mobility:

  1. I have often considered a more mindful approach to stretching and mobility for several years. Many people who attempt stretches, get into certain positions, hold for a few seconds. This gets them nowhere and eventually they stop, losing out on the benefits and increased mobility.
  2. I have often seen that increasing strength through mobility tends to lead to better outcomes, whether one of my patients, a fitness client, or a martial arts practitioner, those increase strength along with their mobility tend to see less pain and discomfort in their movements, thus increasing their ability and desire to move more often.
  3. I personally have seen better progress in muscle length from contracting. For example, stretching my hamstrings, I contract my quads and flex my foot towards me.

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