Brennan Translation Review: TWO-PERSON SET (TAIJI SANSHOU DUIDA)

This is a continuing series in which I read the translations of Paul Brennan’s Translations.

This text is written by Chen Yanlin, I found somewhat of a bio on him. Follow the link for the full version:

Born in 1906, Master Chen Kung—a. k.a., Yearning K. Chen and Chen Yen-lin—passed away in Shanghai, China, in 1980. His book T’ai Chi Ch’uan Sword, Saber, Staff, and Dispersing-Hands Combined (T’ai Chi Ch’uan Tao Chien Kan San Shou Ho Lun) revolutionized many aspects of T’ai Chi practice and theory, especially those concerning his discourses on Intrinsic Energy (]in), Sensing-Hands (T’ui-Shou), Greater Rolling-Back (Ta-Lu), and Dispersing-Hands (San-Shou). His explanations of intrinsic energies (jin) had never before appeared in any previous T’ai Chi related book, which really made him and his work an enigma. In 1978, Master Jou Tsung-hwa met with him in Shanghai and reported that Chen started practicing T’ai Chi at age four and was a doctor of Chinese medicine.

Although I’m aware that this piece is part of a larger whole, I think it was really a nice set considering that there is not a lot of paired set training in taijiquan outside of Da Shou or Tui Shou patterns. I think this maybe related to the one put out by YMAA, but this video I think may show it as well.

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