Jing Cheng Wushu 京城武术 – Baji Quan & Chuo Jiao Fanzi Quan Episode 八级拳 & 戳脚翻子拳

“Jing Cheng Wushu” (京城武术) is a series that ran on Beijing TV in the 80’s. The title “Jing Cheng Wushu” means ‘The Wushu of Beijing’. Each episode focused on a Chinese martial art style popular in Beijing at the time and featured many prominent older generation practitioners, many of whom have passed away since.

It is a valuable insight into the martial arts and as a record of those older generation of practitioners.

Here we present this and have digitized it and added English subtitles as well as other information for the world wushu community to be able to enjoy and preserve.

This episode focuses on Baji Quan & Chuo Jiao Fanzi Quan and features the following people:

Cao Yanzhang 曹彦章 (Born 1929 – Died 2009)

Liu Xuebo 刘学勃 (Born 1926 – Died 2011)

Qiao Xiuchuan 桥秀川 (1929 – present)

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