Modern Martial Arts and Health Radio E03: Jason Tsou On Traditional Chinese Martial Arts


March 29, 2020

Dr. Troy Schott, D.C.

Master Jason Tsou (鄒家驤) was born in Taiwan, Republic of China, in 1949. He began his martial arts studies more than 50 years ago when at the age of eleven he learned Mei Hwa Chang Quan (Plum Blossom Long Fist kung fu) from Grandmaster Wu Ti-Pang. This was his first exposure to a Northern Chinese Kung Fu style. With that foundation, Master Tsou went on to study with the following masters and learned their respective styles:

Master Yang Bao Zen – Shaolin weapons, Mei Hwa Quan, Taiji Quan, and Taiji Qigong
Grand Master Chang Dong Shen – Shuai Jiao
Master Chang Yi Cheng- Xingyi Quan, Bagua Zhang, Taiji Quan
Grandmaster Liu Yun Chiao – Bagua Zhang, Bagua Qigong, Baji Quan, Pigua Zhang and Baji Qigong
Dr. Su Yu Chang-Praying mantis, 18 Lo Han, 12 Meridian, and 5 Element Qigong
Master Adam Hsu Islamic long fist, Chen style Taiji Quan
Master Deng Kuo Hua – Southern Hung Gar Qigong
Master Liu Jen Jun – Tibetan Qigong
Dr. Yu Ta Fang- Tuina
Dr. Su Yu Chang- Acupuncture, Herbs

In 2005 Jason Tsou retired as full time from manager of his engineering company. Since then, he has had more time to work with his senior student Art Schonfeld (a retired lawyer) on many projects. These include instructional DVDs and books. His DVDs include

Bagua Chi Kung- the secret’s of the dragonTai chi- Chi kung-harmony in transition-Chin na: Taking control of energy (with accompanying book); The Random Circles-Tai Chi Push Hands, and The Complete Jian Shu: Chinese combat sword for sport (with accompanying book). Master Tsou has also published a book on Taiji — Tsou and Schonfeld (2008)Yang Taiji: The Untold Story.

In the summer of 2017, Jason Tsou was elected as the president of Traditional Chinese Martial Arts Federation (TCMAF). He has been continuously on the mission of promoting Traditional Kung Fu and unifying Kung Fu communities in USA.

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