Modern Martial Arts and Health Radio E05: Nassem Raufi on the Natural Method of Chinese Martial Arts

April 27, 2020

Dr. Troy Schott, D.C.

Martial arts teacher Nassem Raufi discovered his fascination with martial arts and martial arts as a child. So he started his way with the martial arts Judo and Tae-Kwon-Do and soon found his home in the Chinese martial arts, which are all too often summarized under the generic terms “Kung Fu” or “Wushu”. His path started in the Chinese martial arts school, Bailung.

Over the years, the Bailung school became the Zhenwu Osnabrück eV association.

Due to the open, tolerant and curious attitude of his teacher, Nassem got to know well-known and extremely capable martial arts teachers from various martial arts and was able to learn from them in part.

Against the background of these experiences and encounters, Nassem is committed to developing not only physical abilities and skills, but also mental states, attitudes and philosophy.

“Martial arts is a way. You step into it looking for something that you may not always be able to put into words. You look for answers to questions or find questions that are based on answers. You also look for the self and strive for a better self. “  Nassem Raufi

So it happened that Nassem could no longer recognize his way in Germany and went to China. One of the countries that can be described as a source of martial arts.

In China he met his current teacher and Shifu, Yu Guang De, without effort, without searching, so more likely by accident or fate.

He practices a rare martial art that does without the movement sequences (forms) that are otherwise typical in Chinese styles and focuses on essence, skills and applicability. This style is called Zi Ran Men.


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