Modern Martial Arts and Health Radio E08: Felix Macias, Jr. On the Oakland Jeet Kune Do School

In the early 1960’s Felix Macias Sr. began his rigorous martial arts and self defense training under the great Kung Fu Sifu, James Yimm Lee in Hayward, California. Mr. Macias, Sr. continued to train and study June Fan Gung Fu and Jeet Kune Do with James Lee and Bruce Lee in their famous JKD “Oakland School” until James Lee’s death in 1973.

The martial arts and self defense knowledge Felix Macias received from Bruce Lee and James Lee was “The Way Of The Intercepting Fist” (Jeet Kune Do, JKD).

After James Lee’s death, Mr. Macias continued to study, progress, and evolve the self defense and martial arts knowledge he received from James Lee and Bruce Lee. Operating in an underground fashion, he taught this original and powerful martial art to a small group of friends, students, and eventually his sons.

The eldest son of the Macias family, Felix Macias Jr., took great interest in what he was learning from his father and trained diligently to sharpen his self defense skills and martial knowledge. He has been committed to The Way Of The Intercepting Fist ever since.

Using the knowledge he received from James Lee and his father as blueprints, Mr. Macias Jr. has continued to work underground in the ongoing process of analysis and advancement of this powerful martial art.

The Macias family continues to practice, teach and further develop this original self defense art in Hayward California, only a few miles from James and Bruce Lee’s original Oakland school.

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