Neigong: Internal Power Training class is held ever Saturday morning at 7am-8am.

Sun style Taijiquan class is held every Saturday morning at 8am-9am.

Shanxi style Xingyiquan Class is held every Saturday morning 9am-10am.

Sun Style Baguazhang Class is held every Saturday morning 10am-11am.

Open training session held every Saturday morning at 11am-12pm.

Rates: $5 per class for all of the classes. The open training session is by donation only.

You must let me know that you are going to attend class ahead of time by signing up on the setmore site, click the “book today” image above. I cannot guarantee I will be there if you just show up without letting me know. The site is set up so that you do not have to pay right away, but I sometimes will not be there if I think no one will show.
Beginners and experienced are all welcome, regardless of what style you may have trained. Please let me know of any limitations you may have. If you have any question please contact me via the contact page and I will get back to you shortly.
If you wish to attend our class, please download our Ground Dragon Martial Arts liability and photo release, it will help move things along and get you into class faster. If you are unable to download and print out the release, please show up 10-15 minutes prior to class in order to do so.
Location Central Park Paseo: 216 S Brand Blvd, Glendale, CA 91203
There is parking located at the park, be aware it is metered and you will be ticketed if you don’t pay.

The Neigong: Internal Power Training (formerly Qi Gong and Chinese Yoga) class is dedicated to important movements and internal power exercises that aid in better development for the martial arts or on their own.  Every exercise is scalable and can depend on the persons individual fitness level. Please bring a water bottle, towel, and yoga mat.  Make sure you wear lose-fitting clothing that will not restrict your movements in any way.

The Sun style Tai Ji Quan (Tai Chi Chuan) class is devoted to the traditional Sun style form as taught to me from Tim Cartmell who studied with Sun Jianyun, Sun Lu Tang’s (the founder) daughter.  We are focused on the form, the applications, and striking (push) hands.

The Shanxi style Xing Yi Quan class focuses on the traditional forms, applications, and combative strategies of Xingyiquan as taught to me by Tim Cartmell.  We will quickly warm up with footwork drills, move on to the current form and applications, and drills.

The Ba Gua Zhang class focuses on circle walking, the single and double palm changes, and the eight palm changes on the circle.  We will warm up with footwork, reviewing the past and current forms, drill applications and strategies.

There is an open training session Saturday mornings from 11am-12pm. Feel free to come in for push hands, sparring, or if you’re a student run through forms. There is no payment for this class, but you must let me know that you are coming ahead of time. A mouthguard and cup are strongly recommended.