Reminiscences of Master Yao Zongxun Part VII

Masters of the IMA

A: Nowadays, a lot of the people who practice Yiquan never saw Wang Xiangzhai for themselves, they’ve only heard or read about him. These people all want to develop M Wang’s ability to ‘launch’ people and talk about his feats with relish. What do you think of this phenomenon?

C: This kind of desire isn’t wrong, but you shouldn’t blindly pursue it. You need to understand the process, and that process is the training methods. It’s as if you wanted to climb onto the roof of a house, you first need a ladder. The number of rungs on the ladder will be determined by the ‘quality’ of the students – that’s the crucial point. For example, in M Wang’s case, there were 3 rungs; in M Yao’s case, he was given 5 rungs; and for my own students, I might set out 8 rungs. This is a natural law – times are moving…

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