Beng Quan: Xingyi Quan Fighting Techniques Volume 2 (+ Sparring Drill!)

Beng Quan: Xingyi Quan Fighting Techniques Volume 2 (+ Sparring Drill!)

An unusual night of thunderstorms hit Los Angeles, so we spent the morning training in an underground garage. We spent a good portion of the morning working on Beng Quan (Crushing, Crashing, Bursting, or Smashing Fist). We talked about the usage, and drilled it on a pad, and sparring drills.

Beng Quan: Bursting Fist 崩拳
The bursting fist (Beng) is attributed to wood and can penetrate like an arrow,
Closely link it in generating cannon (Pao) and overcoming
transverse (Heng).
For soothing the Liver, brightening the eyes and accumulating strength (Jin) in the waist,
Jumping forward and treading backward is the key.

Songs of Xing Yi Quan: The Five Fists

Beng Quan –Bursting Fist

Beng QuanThe bursting fist belongs to wood and metal overcomes wood. Therefore, the splitting fist breaks the bursting fist. Bursting fist is like an arrow, in its straight and swift force. Its qi comes from the liver. A little force in the bones and joints can regulate and relax the liver. Consequently, the bursting fist is able to nourish the liver.

In training this skill, one should start with the splitting fist and then bring the two hands together. [3] The right hand strikes straight, moving outward and forward, with the Hukou facing upward. Walk forward with the right foot. Simultaneously, one should draw the left fist back to the rib side, with the palm facing upward. Then, strike with the left fist and draw the right fist back to the rib side along the hip. The two fists go out and come in, with the left foot in the front. In this way, the shoulder and hip can be harmonized for infinite application and constant forward motion. If one wishes to turn backward, no matter the left or the right fist is in the front, turn rightward to assume the dragon style, for it is not convenient to turn leftward if the left leg is in front .

This style is valuable for its straight and swift movement, fierce strength and fast speed of hand and foot. It is said: that [the hands] follow the body closely like entering and emitting from a hole, with the two hands never leaving the body. The hand and foot go out as quickly as a blowing wind, supported by walking forward quickly and striking quickly. In hitting and returning one cannot be late. Therefore, it is necessary to understand its valuable straight movement and swift speed. Its marvelous application can be sensed after training for a long time.

[3] Gather together; grab

Xing Yi Quan’s Five Fists: Excerpts from “A Detailed Collection of the Xing Yi Quan Skills” by Liu Wen Hua

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Xing Yi Quan

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